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2018 / 10 / 26

LIL researcher – among European Commission experts

Law Institute of Lithuania (hereinafter – LIL) researcher Dr Agnė Limantė participated in a meeting with experts from the European Union (hereinafter – EU) Member States that was organised by the European Commission (hereinafter – EC) in Brussels on the topic of implementation of the Directive on legal aid for suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings and for requested persons in European arrest warrant proceedings.

At the meeting, representatives of EU Member States discussed the implementation of the Directive in their countries with EC officials and talked about how issues related to the provision of legal aid and its quality are regulated in their law as well as what changes proper harmonisation of national law with the EU directive will require.

Dr Limantė was one of the four speakers at this meeting who presented specific issues related to the quality of legal aid and its control. The LIL researcher presented the QUAL-AID project and its results. Together with partners from Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands, the LIL is the lead project coordinator in implementing the “Enhancement of Legal Aid Quality: General Standards for Different Systems” project.

The aim of this project is to prepare best practice standards for the provision of legal aid and its quality assurance and control that are suitable for use in all countries of the European Union. The standards will be made public at the end of this year.