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Ongoing projects: 

Increasing the Organizational Capacity of the Women and Children Sections of the Gendarmerie General Command More.

4 EU Training Sessions on Family Law Regulations for Cross-border Lawyers and Social Services (C.L.A.S.S.4EU) More.

Enhancement of Legal Aid Quality: General Standards for Different Systems (QUAL-AID) More.

Implementation of the Best European Practices with the Aim of Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Apparatus of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights to Protect Human Rights and Freedoms (APPARATUS) More.

Strengthening the Legal Aid Service in Turkey More.


Implemented projects:

Towards Pre-trial Detention as Ultima Ratio (DETOUR). More.

EU Judiciary Training on Brussels IIa Regulation: From South to East. More.

Illegal Trade of Excise Goods as Multidimentional Social Phenomenon and the Issues of Control. More.

Strengthening the Work of the Judicial Academy through Curriculum Development and Training in the Use of Expert Witnessing (CRO WIT). More.

Youth Delinquency and Victimization. More.

Restorative Justice Perspectives in Lithuania. More.

Problems of Identification of Public Interest in Lithuanian Law: Criteria and Priorities. More.

Re-socialisation of Offenders in the EU: Enhancing the Role of the Civil Society (RE-SOC). More.

New European Crimes and Trust-Based Policy (FIDUCIA). More.

The EUCPN Best Practice Conference and the European Crime Prevention Award 2013. More.

Preventing and Fighting Sexual Exploitation of Children. More.

Homicide in Lithuania: Criminological Research. More.

Social, Economic and Legal Measures for Stability and Development of Families. More.

Cutting Off Criminal Gain: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Confiscation of Criminal Wealth. More.

Substantial Support for Victims: Towards a Holistic Response to Crime. Latvia and Beyond. More.

Restorative Justice and Mediation in Penal Matters - a Stock-Taking of Legal Issues, Implementation Strategies and Outcomes in the Member States of the European Union. More.

Community Engagement for Civic Order, Policing and Security. More.

Development and Implementation Integration into the Labor Market Model, Tools, Services for Convicts, Ex-prisoners and Their Family Members. More.

Crime Repression Costs in Context. More.

Good Neighbours. More.

NMS Contribution to the International Self-Report Study on Violent Behaviour, Attitudes and Victimization among Youth. More.