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2018 / 10 / 03

A grant to a student who conducts research of political corruption

The Research Council of Lithuania (hereinafter - RCL) has granted funding for the research of the Law Institute of Lithuania (hereinafter - LIL) “Corrupt relations of legal persons and confiscation: international and national perspectives” to be implemented by student Rasa Tirylytė-Zelenina who has been on an internship placement at LIL.

The research, which has been implemented through a grant, is led by LIL researcher Dr. Skirmantas Bikelis. The sub-activity “Student scientific research free from studies (student research)“ of the activity “Development of students’ abilities to conduct R&D activities” – a scientific research conducted by a student according to an individual programme during fall and spring semesters at the periods of time free from contact hours and led by a supervisor.

The main aim of the project is to adopt a criminological approach to the examination of models and contexts of involvement of legal persons in political corruption, generalise relevant provisions of international conventions on anti-corruption as well as expert recommendations, analyse the issues of regulation and practical application of legal instruments with regard to confiscation of illicit assets as well as the prospects of the use of these instruments, investigate the content of the newly developed legal instrument (civil confiscation) and its potential to control the manifestations of political corruption that involves legal persons.

By analysing this interdisciplinary issue, Ms. Tirylytė-Zelenina will improve her scientific research skills, deepen her knowledge on the character of infringements committed by legal persons as well as the scope of potential measures imposed on them and their efficiency. At the end of her research the student will present a text prepared according to the requirements for scientific publications, covering evaluation of the previous analysis from a criminological (origin of assets) and legal point of view as well as evaluation of the international context.


The duration of the project funded by the RCL (Agreement No. DOTSUT-580) is 1 October 2018 – 30 April 2019.