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About us

The Law Institute of Lithuania is a research establishment, founded in 1991 by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania seeking to coordinate the reform of the legal system and law institutions, to combine it with the economic and social reorganization carried in the country. The founder of the Institute is the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania.
By Resolution No. 1495 “On the establishment of the Law Institute of Lithuania” of 5 December 2012, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania amended Resolution No. 484 “On the establishment of the Law Institute” of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 23 November 1991, whereby it passed a decision to reorganise the then functioning state science institution Law Institute and establish the state research institute, i.e. the Law Institute of Lithuania.

The main aims of the Institute are to contribute: to the formation of the scientific basis for the reform of the Lithuanian law and legal system as well as its separate elements based on the national experience and the advantages of the European Law development; to contribute to the safeguarding of human rights and freedoms by elaborating national scientific studies as well as applied scientific researches in the field of law and legal system; to the formation of favorable conditions for business by means of legal measures. The main areas of research of the Law Institute are as follows: public law (paying most attention to the problems of constitutional law and criminal justice) and criminology (paying most attention to the problems of the rights of children and youth).