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Dr. Simonas Nikartas


Dr. Simonas Nikartas

Senior Research Fellow,
exercising functions of the
Head of the Department


Criminology, Penitentiary Law, Criminal Law


Academic interests:

Community sanctions and measures. Probation, communities involvement in crime prevention. Rights of convicted persons.


Main publications:

  1. Nikartas S., Katinaitė-Lodh R. Subjective probation effectiveness: aseesment of probation services work based on clients approach. Jurisprudencija. 2018. No. 1 (25).

  2. Lankauskas M., Nikartas S. Corruption in Non Governmental Sector: Political Corruption in Activities of Charity and Support Funds. Research Papers of the Law Institute of Lithuania Teisės problemos. 2017, No. 2 (94).

  3. Citizen‘ Participation in Guaranteeing Community Safety: Criminological and Legal Premises. Monograph. Law institute of Lithuania, 2014.

  4. Nikartas S. Public Interest According to Lithuanian Population: Awareness and Involvement in its Protection // Journal on Legal and Economic Issues of Central Europe. 2014, Vol. 5, No. 2.

  5. Nikartas S. The right to freedom from torture and cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment: the Context od Detention Conditions. In: L. Beliūnienė, E. Mauricė, V. Petrylaitė, S. Nikartas and others. The Most Pressing Issues in Protection of Human Rights in Lithuania 2008-2013: A Legal Research. Collective monograph. Law institute of Lithuania. 2014.

  6. Nikartas S. Čepas A. Life Imprisonment in Lithuania (I): Reflexion in the Context of Human Rights Standards) // Research Papers of the Law Institute of Lithuania Teisės problemos 2014/2 (84).

  7. Nikartas S. (ed.), Ūselė L. Zaksaitė S. and and others Minimal child supervision measures in Lithuania: premises, situation and implementation issues. Monograph. Law institute of Lithuania, 2013.

  8. Volunteering in probation system: premises and possibilities (together with Sakalauskas G. Čepas A. Ūselė L.). Monograph. Vilnius. Law Institute of Lithuania. 2012.

  9. Nikartas S. Chapters: Sexual Abuse and Trafficking in Human Beings. In: Sakalauskas G. Dobrynina M. Nikartas S. and others. Registered and Latent crime in Lithuania. Vilnius. Law Institute, 2011.

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