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Administrative justice – for the stability of economic and human rights

In transition countries administrative justice is given a special attention for two reasons - administrative disputes quality assurance is an important indicator for human rights also it is indicator of economic stability and economic development. From both economic and political point of view strengthening of the judiciary and administrative justice reform is one of the transition elements.

Such statements were expressed by the director of the Law Institute of Lithuanian Dr. Jurgita Paužaitė - Kulvinskienė in her report "New challenges for administrative justice in transition countries" it was read during the international scientific-practical conference "Effective Justice: Challenges and Priorities (for Administrative) Courts. The conference, together with the Lithuanian Law Institute was organized by the Lithuanian Association of Judges, Committee on Legal Affairs of Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius University Faculty of Law, Judicial Council of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Association of Administrative Judges.

J. Paužaitė - Kulvinskienė in her report identified the systemic elements that are characteristic to the administrative justice reform in transition countries. First of all, it was mentioned that in a number of transition countries when moving into a market economy relations the administrative justice reform has not always been the main focus. The development of modern democratic values ​​compatible with the Constitution, made the basic administrative law adoption to prolong up to ten years.

The researcher also noted that countries in transition have amended together the administrative procedural law and administrative justice. These two areas cannot be reformed separately and successful administrative justice reform cannot be without the individual elements of substantive administrative law development. Another very important element - in order to protect the proper functioning of the market and public interest the legal regulation should be improved. According to the researcher, one of the most pressing problems, which today is open and unresolved in many countries in this category - is the responsibility’s for the administrative liability application and application framework.