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Forthcoming Training Sessions: in Vilnius and in Braga

As from January 2018, the Law Institute of Lithuania together with three other foreign partners from Italy, Hungary and Portugal have start implementing an EU-funded project “4 EU Training Sessions on Family Law Regulations for Cross-border Lawyers and Social Services” (C.L.A.S.S.4EU). The project is meant to develop and provide practice-oriented trainings for lawyers and social service staff from four participating countries and also to increase their knowledge in the area of international family law.


Law Institute of Lithuania has the pleasure of inviting you to join the trainings.


Training session no. 1 was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The topic of the training is "Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Cross-border Divorce and Maintenance cases".

Training Date: September 17-18, 2018

For more information please visit: http://teise.org/en/vyksta-mokymai-apie-tarptautine-seimos-teise/


Training session no. 2 will be held in Braga, Portugal. The topic of the training is "Parental Responsibility and International Child Abduction".

Training Date: November 26-27, 2018

Number of training participants from Lithuania: 2 (the participants have already been selected).


Training session no. 3 will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Preliminary Training Date: spring 2019;

Number of participants from Lithuania: 2-3.


Training session no. 4 will be held in Milan, Italy.

Preliminary Training Date: 2019 spring;

Number of participants from Lithuania: 2-3.


Candidates who wish to participate in the training need to send their CV (in Lithuanian or English) by e-mail: justinas.paliauka@teise.org.