dr. Aušra Pocienė
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Baudžiamoji politika Lietuvoje: tendencijos ir lyginamieji aspektai

This research aimed to go deep into the decisions adopted in the field of criminal policy in Lithuania and in international level during the latest decades, and to summarise and accumulate insights allowing to see the adopted decisions from a distance, circumstances of their adoption, the contemporary expectations, and, finally, the results.

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Authors: dr. Gintautas Sakalauskas (grupės vadovas ir mokslinis redaktorius), dr. Skirmantas Bikelis, Vaidas Kalpokas, dr. Aušra Pocienė
dr. Antanas Jatkevičius, doc. dr. Simona Mesonienė, prof. habil. dr. Vytautas Piesliakas

Saugumo miestuose užtikrinimo problemos

“The issues of urban safety” is the toolkit that tackles an important issue of urban safety using holistic approach. It is dedicated to Lithuanian practitioners who are responsible for security guard and safety assurance in town and also to everybody who is interested in this issue.

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Authors: Dr. Aušra Pocienė, Dr. Raimundas Kalesnykas, Dr. Alfredas Kiškis, Sonata Mališauskaitė-Simanaitienė, Dr. Rokas Uscila
prof. dr. (HP) Aleksandras Dobryninas, dr. Algimantas Čepas

Registruotas ir latentinis nusikalstamumas Lietuvoje: tendencijos, lyginamieji aspektai ir aplinkos veiksniai

This monograph provides a twofold analysis of criminal behaviour in macro-level. First, a clear divide is made between registered criminal activities and reality of criminal activities. The main aim of this analysis was to establish the place of logical “marker” of the registered and the real crime in Lithuania.

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Authors: dr. Gintautas Sakalauskas, dr. Svetlana Justickaja, Vaidas Kalpokas, Sonata Mališauskaitė-Simanaitienė, Simonas nikartas, dr. Aušra Pocienė, Salomėja Zaksaitė
Antanas Dapšys, dr. Alfredas Kiškis