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Lithuania, as a senior partner, together with Austria is implementing a European Union twin project "Ukraine Parliaments High Commissioner for Human Rights Institutional Strengthening of human rights and freedoms". The project is being implemented by the best Lithuanian and Austrian human rights expert team.

Under the guidance of the Ombudsman Augustinas Normantas, the project team is composed of the most famous Lithuanian legal law experts from the Law Institute of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Seimas Ombudsmen's Office, the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman Office, Lithuanian State Data Protection Inspectorate and the Vilnius University Faculty of Law. Austria is represented by Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights.

The project activities are divided into three parts. The first component consists of defining the legislative framework of Ukrainian Ombudsman in accordance with best European legal practices in the field of human rights protection. This framework will be based on existing legislation analysis and recommendations. Furthermore, there will be round table discussions and draft legislation in the future.

The twin project’s aim is to strengthen the institutional apparatus of the Ombudsman. This will come in to effect by analyzing the current situation, getting acquainted with the European Court of Human Rights case law and implementing the needed recommendations. Also, during the project, the participantswill get acquainted with the Lithuanian, Latvian and Austrian human rights protection systems and will be provided with a study visit to Croatia. Furthermore, there will be a round table discussion, seminars and trainings in Ukraine working with human rights specialists.

Implementation of Twin project in Ukraine will be prepared based on the best European personnel training systems. This implementation will prepare proposals for the training plans and programs, to carry out pilot training and organized introduction to Lithuania with human rights protection system.

The central project management agency will administer and financially manage management the two-year project. The European Commission has appointed of 1.5 million Euros to a project.

 Lithuania is actively involved in the EU TwinProgram in Ukraine. Since 2010 Lithuanian authorities with partners from other EU countries have shared their experiences of judicial reform, land management, transport safety with Ukraine.