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Preventing and Fighting Sexual Exploitation of Children

The transnational project "Preventing and Fighting Sexual Exploitation of Children" aims to improve the system of children sexual exploitation prevention and intervention in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland – this directly corresponds to the third priority of the call. The main goal is to develop strategies and instruments for the improvement of children sexual exploitation prevention and intervention system, by reaching these specific objectives: To investigate and analyze the current situation of child victimization in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland; To improve coordination and collaboration among local authorities, law enforcement and other institutions; To strengthen the knowledge and awareness of local law and children protection authorities by exchanging best practices and strategies among project and other EU countries.; To strengthen the knowledge and skills of multi-disciplinary professionals by continuous training and supervision.; To help sexual exploitation victims and witnesses to overcome their trauma and facilitate their participation in legal procedures; To develop and implement children sexual exploitation prevention tools by exchanging countries’ practices and instruments.

Results of the project:
Research on child victimization in partner countries. Comparative analysis. Prepared report (30 pages)
Coalition of authorities and institutions in every partner country: in total, 60 institutions, 24 meetings
Increased knowledge of authorities: 2 international trainings, 20 participants in each, 24 hours in total
Increased knowledge of specialists:
-15 multi-disciplinary teams (5 teams in a country, 5 specialists in a team): in total, 75 participants. Every team participates in 2 trainings and 18 supervisions. In total, trainings – 48 hours, supervisions – 540 hours
-Project staff (8 specialists from partner organizations): 1 seminar, 12 hours
Help for 700 victims/ witnesses: 2400 psychological, 600 legal, 600 psychiatric, 600 social consultations, 100 forensic interviews
Social campaign in LT and PL: in total, 50 city-lights, 300 posters, 1000 leaflets
Handbook, 100 pages. In EN – 500 copies, in LT, LV, PL – 300 each
Updates of 6 webpages: 2 in a country
Law Institute will be responsible for the implementation of comparative research on child victimization, i.e. preparation of research tool, analysis of the research results and preparation of  the report. Main objectives of this activity are investigation and analysis of child victimization in Lithuania and Latvia; adaptation of accurate tool for evaluation of good practices among project partners; comparison of child victimization data between project partner countries and other European countries; recommendations for the project partner countries and other European countries.
Partners: Children Support Centre (Lithuania), Centre Dardedze (Latvia), Fundacja dzieci niczyje (Poland).
Researchers: dr. Margarita Dobrynina, Judita Žukauskaitė.
Duration: 2011.12.01 - 2013.11.30.
The project is funded by European Commision funds under the programme "Prevention of and Fight against Crime" (ISEC).