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Lithuanian Law Institute together with its partners during 2016 autumn - 2017 spring had worked on a project to familiarize school students with the European Parliament (EP). The main objective of the project was to encourage an interest into the European Parliament's activities and to improve students' knowledge of its laws, institution's roles and functions. The project was implemented by using creative and engaging teaching methods, tailored to students' age, level of knowledge, needs and interests.

Project training and workshop themes were selected according to the schools courses and students' interests to raise awareness about the European Union's governance structures. During these meetings, students were presented with three main topics: the European Parliament's competency and its political groups, the European values and identity and the European Parliament's activities in ensuring human rights.

At the end of the project there was the competition about European Parliament. The winners of the competition won the travel to Brussels where they had meeting with MEPs and got acquainted with the European Parliament's work up close.

The aim of this project was to expand the knowledge of participating students about the European Union's importance. Furthermore the students were encouraged to improve their knowledge of the European Parliament - a body which represents them as EU citizens, but still is so unfamiliar and remote to most students.

EU partially financed project, which began in 2016 October and had run its course until the end of April 2017.