Dr. Skirmantas Bikelis series of works - among the entries in the Lithuanian Science Prize competition!

The Lithuanian Science Prize Commission announces the submissions for the 2023 Lithuanian Science Prize competition, including Dr. Skirmantas Bikelis series of works „Modern Measures of Confiscation of Criminal Assets“.

The accumulation of wealth by organised and other criminals gives them power, and the imumunity of wealth encourages crime. At the end of the 20th century, there was a growing realisation in Europe that new and more effective means had to be found to make crime unprofitable and to undermine the power of organised criminals. Dr. Skirmantas Bikelis, a researcher at the Institute of Law of the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences, has also been involved in this search for modern confiscation measures with his series of papers on „Modern Measures of Confiscation of Criminal Assets“. Since 2012, the researcher has published the results of his research in two monographs, a scientific study and eleven articles. Systematic research on confiscation strategies is not limited to criminal law, but also includes civil and tax law, S. Bikelis also researches instruments of a mixed nature. Bikelis research has contributed significantly to the theoretical basis, drafting and adoption in 2020 of the Civil Confiscation of Assets Act, on the basis of which proceedings are already underway for the confiscation of high-value assets obtained through criminal means.

We are proud of our colleague!

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