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2018 / 09 / 18

Training on international family law

Lithuanian law institute with its partners has arranged trainings for lawyers and social workers about jurisdiction and applicable law in the field of divorce and maintenance (family law topics).

There were 50 participants during the trainings in Vilnius on 17-18th of September: 30 from Lithuania and 20 from foreign countries. Lithuanian law institute researchers Ana Pliner and Agnė Limantė have presented their lectures along with other researchers from Hungary, Italy and Portugal. The lectures included topics like jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil matters such as divorce, parents responsibilities and maintenance.

These trainings were organised by Lithuanian law institute and its partners from Italy (Verona and Milan-Bicocca universities), Hungary (Eotvos university) and Portugal (Minjo university) in accordance with C.L.A.S.S.4EU project which also includes trainings in Budapest, Braga and Milan in the near future. Those upcoming trainings will also involve researchers from Lithuania.

Lithuanian lawyers as well as other participants from foreign countries were happy that they had a chance to attend these trainings and were pleasantly surprised that they were free of any charge. „It‘s great that European Union sponsors such projects so we have an opportunity to participate in very professional lectures in Lithuania“, said international guests."