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2021 / 06 / 04

The Law Institute researchers’ article was published in the journal “Filosofija. Sociologija”


In the journal “Filosofija. Sociologija” (in English: “Philosophy. Sociology”) that publishes original research articles in the fields of philosophy and sociology, was published an article “A Police Officer or a Social Worker? Research on the Professional Roles of Probation Officers” written by the researchers of the Law Institute of the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences Dr Simonas Nikartas, Justinas Paliauka and Dr Artūras Tereškinas.

The article discusses the results of the quantitative survey of Lithuanian probation of­ficers.  We attempt to answer the question of what roles officers choose in their pro­fessional service.  Taking into account the specificity of probation officers’ duties and internationally accepted classifications, we use, in the article, the categories of the pro­fessional roles of a policeman (or controlling agent) and social worker (or resocialising agent) to analyse Lithuanian probation officers. The conducted research demonstrates that the Lithuanian probation officers associate their professional service with the con­trol­oriented and balanced roles. We explain the choice of the control­oriented role as influenced by such factors as strict punitive policies and punitive culture and the devel­opment of the Lithuanian probation system from the institution of police and control towards the institution of resocialisation and social support. The choice of the balanced role could be associated with the contrasting functions of control and resocialisation that the probation officers attempt to combine in their everyday professional activities.

The full text of the article in Lithuanian is available here.