Dr. Eglė Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė

Research Fellow,
EU-FamPro project
Research Fellow


Started working at the Institute – since 2002-09-12.


Research interests:

Public law and policy, Family law, EU family law, Constitutional law, Administrative law, Finance law, Corruption prevention.


International scientific profiles:




Principal publications (from 2018):

Limantė, A. (author, editor), Tereškinas, A., Pūraitė-Andrikienė, D. (author, editor), Kudinavičiūtė-Michailovienė, I., Uusen-Nacke, T., Mačernytė Panomariovienė, I., Erikson, M., Wrocławska, T., Ambrazevičiūtė, K., Bitinas, A., Beliūnienė, L., Uscila, R., Juodkaitė, D., Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė, E., Nikartas, S., Jarutienė, L., Michailovič, I., Justickaja, S., Vaičiūnienė, R., Banach-Gutierrez, J. B., Leonaitė, E., Markina, A., Pall, K., Lankauskas, M., Gutauskas, A., Kuzborska-Pacha, E., Apolevič, J., Balodis, R., Kārkliņa, A., & Rodiņa, A. (2022), Legal Protection of Vulnerable Groups in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Trends and Perspectives / Edited by Agnė Limantė and Dovilė Pūraitė-Andrikienė (European Union and its Neighbours in a Globalized World, 8). Cham: Springer Cham. doi:10.1007/978-3-031-06998-7

Limantė, A. (author, editor), Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė, E., González, M. J. C., Mercedes Soto, M., Kunda, I., Pogorelčnik Vogrinc, N. (author, editor), Kramberger Škerl, J., Tičić, M., Viterbo, F. G., Garetto, R., Dougan, F., Winkler, S., Ruggeri, L. (author, editor), Giobbi, M., Deplano, S., & Hlača, N. (2022), The EU Regulations on Matrimonial Property and Property of Registered Partnerships / Edited by Lucia Ruggeri, Agnė Limantė, Neža Pogorelčnik Vogrinc. Cambridge - Antwerp - Chicago: Intersentia.

Ambrazevičiūtė, K., Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė, E. & Ragauskas, P. (2021), Korupcija privačiame sektoriuje (Corruption in the private sector). Vilnius: Lietuvos teisės institutas.

Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė, E., Pūraitė-Andrikienė, D. (2020), Valstybės pareiga užtikrinti notarų paslaugų prieinamumą visuomenei ir notarų ekonominį nepriklausomumą ir nešališkumą: galimos priemonės ir jų privalumai bei trūkumai (The duty of the state to ensure the availability of notary services to the public and the economic independence and impartiality of notaries: possible measures and their advantages and disadvantages). Vilnius: Lietuvos notarų rūmai.

Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė, E. (2019), Dovanos ir kyšio santykis: antropologinės implikacijos teisės sistemai (The Gift-Bribery Relationship: Anthropological Implications for the Legal System). Vilnius: Lietuvos teisės institutas.

Ambrazevičiūtė, K., Kavoliūnaitė-Ragauskienė, E. ir Ragauskas, P. (2018), Atsakomybės už korupciją privačiame sektoriuje teisinis reguliavimas (Legal regulation of responsibility for corruption in the private sector). Vilnius: Lietuvos teisės institutas.


Research Projects:

2021-2023, Researcher in the Project funded by the Lithuanian Research Council "Government Use of Facial Recognition Technologies: Legal Challenges and Possible Solutions” (VeidAI).

2021-2023, Researcher and Trainer in the Project co-funded by the EU: “E-training on EU Family Property regimes” (EU-FamPro). Project countries: IT, LT, ES, HR, SL.

2019, Researcher in the project dedicated to the EP elections EUandI (European University Institute, Florence, Italy)

2015-2017, Researcher and Trainer in the Project co-funded by the EU: EU Judiciary Training on Brussels IIa Regulation: From South to East. Project countries: IT, LT, ES, HR.

2013-2014, Researcher in the project of International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO), Alternatives to detainment of young offenders (JUST/2011/DAP/AG/3054) participant.

2009, Researcher in the project EU Profiler (Roman Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (European University Institute)). Project won World e–Democracy Forum Award 2009.


Presentations at Conferences (from 2018):

2022, Speaker in international seminar “Practical Challenges in the Application of the Twin Regulations”. Almeria (Spain) 19 September 2022. Presentation: “Why some EU Member States did not join the Twin Regulations?”

2022, Speaker and moderator in the international conference “Facial Recognition in the Modern State”. Online, 15 September 2022. Presentation: “FRT Regulation in Eastern Europe: A Case Study of Lithuania”

2022, Speaker at the international conference “Sense and Sensibility in Cross-Border Cases: Couples’ Property”. Opatija (Croatia)/online, 30 June 2022. Presentation: “The Twin Regulations: A Thorny Road to Their Adoption”.



Professional Associations:

2011 – now, Member of the UN Convention against corruption review group. Evaluation of Spain (2011,  in Spanish), Evaluation of Armenia (2013), Evaluation of Marshall Islands (2018-2019, not published yet).

2019, National expert in the 2020 World Bank initiative Benchmarking Infrastructure.

2014-2017, Member of the Council of Europe Committee on Legal Cooperation working group for the legal instrument regulating lobbying activities.

2016, Member of the preparatory group for GRECO (Group of States Against Corruption) 5 evaluation round.

2014, National expert in the project Environmental Democracy Index. World Resources Institute.

2010, National expert in the World Bank initiative Public Accountability Mechanisms.