Dr. Skirmantas Bikelis

Senior Research Fellow, exercising functions of the Head of the Department,
LEKOSTRA project leader
(+370) 600 02517

Darbo institute pradžia – since 2008-04-18.

Research interests:

Organized crime and corruption control, confiscation of crime proceeds, drug control policies, detention, electronic monitoring.


International scientific profiles:




Principal publications (from 2018):

Skirmantas Bikelis (2020), Pakartotinis įtartinos turto kilmės vertinimas – pateisinama viešojo intereso apsaugos priemonė ar žmogaus teisių pažeidimas? [Repeated Assets Investigation – Justifiable Measure for Public Interest Protection or Infringement of Human Rights?] Kriminologijos studijos 2020, vol. 8, p. 38–56.

Bikelis Skirmantas (2020), Modeling the Patterns of Civil Confiscation: Balancing Effectiveness, Proportionality and the Right to Be Presumed Innocent, Baltic Journal of Law & Politics 13:2 (2020), p. 24-48.

Bikelis Skirmantas (2021), Chasing Criminal Wealth: Broken Expectations for the Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment in Lithuania, Journal of Money Laundering Control, 21 Oct. 2021.

Bikelis Skirmantas, Nauburaitis Dainius (2019), Įstatymo taikymo atgal dilema ir civilinio turto konfiskavimo atvejis [Law Retrospectivity and Civil Confiscation] // Teisės problemos Nr. 2 (98).

Bikelis Skirmantas (2019), Nusikaltimo padarymo priemonių konfiskavimo problematika bylose dėl neatsargių nusikaltimų [Issues of Instrumentalities‘ Confiscation in Cases of Negligent Crime] // Teisės problemos. 2019. Nr. 1(97).

Bikelis Skirmantas, Mikšys Simonas (2018), Civilinio turto konfiskavimo perspektyvos Lietuvoje [Prospect of Civil Confiscation in Lithuania]. Mokslo studija [Scientific study]. Lietuvos teisės institutas.

Bikelis Skirmantas (2018), Suėmimo taikymo pokyčiai Lietuvoje: teisinės kultūros perspektyva [Trends In Prie-Trial Detention Practices In Lithuania: Persperctives Of Legal Culture] // Kriminologijos studijos, 2018/2.

Bikelis Skirmantas (2018), Nusikaltimo padarymo priemonės dalies konfiskavimas ar jos vertės dalies išieškojimas iš proporcingumo principo perspektyvos [Confiscation Of Part Of Crime Instrumentalities Or Part Of Their Value And Principle Of Proportionality] // Teisės problemos. 2018. Nr. 2 (96).

Bikelis Skirmantas (2018), Kardomosios priemonės – užstato – reguliavimo ir taikymo vertybinės ir praktinės dilemos [Fundamental And Practical Dilemmas In Regulation And Application Of Financial Bail In Criminal Cases] // Teisės problemos. 2018. Nr. 1 (95).


Research Projects:

2022 University of Turin and partners. Freezing ORders and Confiscation orders: Effort for common standards FORCE, co-funded by the European Commission (EC-GRANT AGREEMENT No 101046569). Researcher.

2016-2017 Institut fur Rechs- und Kriminalsoziologie (Wien) DETOUR – Towards Pre-trial Detention as Ultima Ratio. Researcher.

2014-2016 Law Institute of Lithuania. ,,Illegal trade of excise goods as multidimentional social phenomena and issues of effectiveness of control". Project funded by Lithuanian Council of Science (MIP-092/2014). Head of the research.

2013-2015 Parma University, Italy. FP7 research project for New European Crimes and Trust Based Policy. Researcher (WP: illegal trade of goods).

2013-2014 Law Institute of Lithuania. ,,Perspectives of Restorative Justice in Lithuania". Project funded by Lithuanian Council of Science (MIP-016/2013). Researcher.

April 2012 – December 2013 Law Institute of Lithuania. „Cutting Off criminal Gain: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Confiscation Of Criminal Wealth". Project funded by Lithuanian Council of Science (SIN-14/2012). Head of the research.


Contractual Research:

2022, Vilnius, Technical support to the OECD in the drafting of an analytical report with recommendations for the design of the Action Plan of Lithuania’s National Anti-Corruption Agenda 2022-2033.

2022, Molėtai, National Courts’ Administration, training for judges Crime proceeds confiscation, extended powers of confiscation.

2021, Molėtai, National Courts’ Administration, training for judges Civil confiscation: fundamental and applied issues.

2020, Vilnius, Office of Prosecutor General, training for prosecutors, Civil confiscation: fundamental and applied issues.

2014, Chisinau, Moldova World Bank StAR initiative and Ministry of Justice of Moldova, training for judiciary, prosecution and anti-corruption bodies on implementation of liability for illicit enrichment.


Presentations at Conferences (from 2018):

2022, Malaga, Spain, 22nd European Cnference of the Criminology Society, Label Versus Content: Issues with the Recognition of Civil Confiscation Orders In Europe.

2022, Vilnius, Lithuania, 34th Baltic Criminological Seminar, Confiscating Proceeds from Latent Crime: Shift from Legal Precision towards Criminological Knowledge.

2021, ZOOM the 21st annual European Society of Criminologists conference. Fresh laws on civil confiscation in Lithuania and Ukraine: common issues, different approaches, disputable solutions.

2019, St. Peterburg, Russia, XXXII International Baltic Criminological Conference "Social control over crime: what to do?“ Eight Years of Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment: The Lithuanian Experience.

2019, Vilnius, Lithuania, Civil confiscation in Lithuania: a step forward or back? // Vilnius University, Issues with purposefulness of the legal regulation of civil confiscation in Lithuania.



Professional Associations:

Association of Lithuanian Criminologists.


Editorial Board:

Criminological studies.