The project "Good Neighbours" is aimed at increasing capacities of local actors dealing with urban safety, by exchanging successful experiences in partner cities, training local officials and officers and building a modern preventive strategy to be shared among European cities affected by urban crime problems. As good neighbours (here is the title), cities across Europe must help one each other in dealing with their problems of urban crime and insecurity. 

Project’s themes are: 
·         situational crime prevention;         
·         organised crime;
·         partnership working;
·         role of police.
Partner - Provincia di Padova (Italy).
Researchers: dr. hab. Karolis Jovaišas (Project Coordinator), prof. Aurelijus Gutauskas (Researcher), dr. Algimantas Čepas (Researcher).
Duration: 2005.10.03 – 2007.10.02.
The project is funded by European Commision funds under the programme "AGIS".