The project "Social, Economic and Legal Measures for Stability and Development of Families" is based on an assumption that there are different forms of families taking part in social life. Lithuanian science and state politics most often restrict themselves to recognition of two abstract categories of families (families created by marriage and families that are not grounded on marriage) only. There is a lack of research attention to an existence of both different forms of families created by marriage (e.g. marriage between spouses with different nationalities and different domiciles, marriage-based families that bring up children from previous families of the spouses, etc.) and different forms of families that are not grounded on marriage.

The project is also based on a hypothesis that stability and development of different forms of families as well as of families of different social, economic and legal status require specific legal, social and economic measures. Thus the project would encompass an analysis of values of certain governmental measures for certain forms of families and for families of certain social, economic and legal status. A comparative analysis will be carried out in order to identify what measures applied by other states could be recepted in Lithuania. Results of the aforementioned analyses will be generalized to evaluate suitability of the system of measures analyzed for stability and development of families.

Family is a multifaced social institute that is being influenced by a wide variety of factors. State also applies grossly varying measures that have a meaning to stability and development of families. Totality of these measures cannot be consistently explored inside the margins of only one branch of science, the research requires consolidation of methods and knowledge coming from different branches of science. The research foreseen in the project would be of an interdisciplinary nature, it would be carried out by a research group formed by lawyers and economists.

Partner - Vilnius University.

Researchers: prof. dr. hab. (HP) Vytautas Mizaras (Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, Head of Department of Private Law), Eglė Kavoliūnaitė - Ragauskienė (Law Institute, Head of Legal System Research Department - Researcher), Kristina Ambrazevičiūtė (Law institute, Legal System Research Department, Junior Research Fellow), Evaldas Visockas (Law institute, Head of International Relations Office - Researcher), dr. Vytautas Gavelis (Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Theoretical Economics, Docent).

Duration: 2012.03.01 – 2013.12.31.

The project is funded by Research Council of Lithuania under the programme "Social challenges to national security."
Project funding agreement number: SIN-10/2012.