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2020 / 07 / 21

The work of LIL Researcher Has Been Published by a Prestigious International Publishing Company


The prestigious international publishing company “Routledge” has published a book “Criminal Justice and Privatisation: Key Issues and Debates”, where Simonas Nikartas, the researcher of the Law Institute of Lithuania (hereinafter – LIL), wrote a chapter on the privatisation of criminal justice in Eastern Europe.

“Criminal Justice and Privatisation” works to examine the impact of privatisation on the criminal justice system, and to explore the potential effects of privatising other areas (e. g. the police). By including chapters from the research team, the book offers an expansive overview of the criminal justice system. By also exploring the way the private companies operate, this book offers an insight into the future of privatisation within the public sector.

Dr. Simonas Nikartas, a senior research fellow of the LIL in the chapter “Privatisation of Criminal Justice in Eastern Europe” reviews trends in the privatisation of punishment in those European countries which have a common history, all having once been subject to communist control. It is assumed that this has shaped the specific political, cultural, economic and social context of that region. Simonas Nikartas discusses the specific factors involved in the privatisation of criminal justice in the region, reviews the attempts to privatize prisons, and focuses mainly on electronic monitoring, this being the most common form of private sector involvement in criminal justice in the region.

The full text of the book in English is available here.