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2021 / 08 / 30

An article in an international journal by a researcher at the Institute, Rokas Uscila


The biennial collection of scientific papers “Theory and Practice of Forensic Science and Criminalistics” published researcher doc. R. Uscila's article "Some issues on forensic psychological examination of victims enduring domestic violence" co-authored with colleagues I. O. Savchenko and S. L. Babych from Sumy Forensic Science Institute (Ukraine). The article examines the main aspects of forensic psychological examination of a victim when criminal proceedings listed in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations according to criminal offense elements provided for by Article 1211 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine are considered.

According to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Ukraine, domestic violence is an intentional, systematic, criminal use of physical, psychological, or economic violence against a current or former spouse or another person, with whom the perpetrator is (was) in a family member or close relationship, which causes physical or psychological suffering, health problems, loss of ability to work, emotional dependence or deterioration of the victim’s quality of life.

The article draws attention to legal and theoretical-methodological bases of forensic psychological examination of victims enduring domestic violence. The authors define the relationship between the concepts of  'violence', 'aggression', and 'coercion', and reveal the content and main forms of violence. As well as, emphasize the psychological study of women (the most common victims of domestic violence). And underline the need for methodological guidelines on the forensic psychological examination of victims in research on domestic violence and the importance of forensic psychological examinations as a source of evidence.

The full publication of Rokas Uscila in English can be found here (p. 538–554). Information about the publication and other articles published in it can be found here.