Dr. Audrius Bitinas


Research Fellow.


Research interests:

Social security law, labour law, advocacy law.


International scientific profiles:




Principal publications (from 2018):

Bitinas A. (2022), Improving the Financial Situation of the Elderly: Towards Better Pension Coverage in the Baltic States. In Limantė, A., Pūrienė- Andrikienė (ed.). Legal protection of vulnerable groups in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland: trends and perspectives. Springer Cham.

Bitinas A. (2021), The Development of Occupational Pension Markets in the European Union and in Lithuania: Regulation and Challenges. In Ledoux C., Shire K., van Hooren F. (ed.). The Dynamics of Welfare Markets: private Pensions and Domestic /Care Services in Europe. Palgrave Macmillan (under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG). DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-56623-4291-315.

Bitinas, A., Fiori, A. (2020), Framework for introducing a second-pillar pension system in Azerbaijan. // Journal of International business and economics, 2020, No. 2, vol.20, IABE (USA).

Bitinas A. et al.(2020), Social security law // Vilnius University Publishing House.

Bitinas A., Hiilamo H., Chân N. (2020), Extending pension coverage in Cambodia: The governance and investment challenges of the Social Security Investment Fund // International Social security review, Vol. 73, No. 4.

Bitinas A. et al. (2019), Advocacy law (peer-reviewed scientific study). // Kriventa.

Bitinas A. (2019), Social security investments for the sustainability of the future pension guarantees // EU Socieux + Technical reports collection, 2019, No. 2, Brussels.

Bitinas A. (2018), Modern pension system in Azerbaijan: challenges and reforms // Law, 2018, vol. 107, Vilnius University.


Research Projects:

2015-2016, Eftheia BVBA (Belgium) expert in the EU-funded project VC2015/0006 “EU unemployment benefit system”.

2016, Expert of the Council of Europe: project "Independent, high-quality and ethical activity of a lawyer", June 2016, Georgia.


Contractual Research:

2014-2015, Creation of the legal-administrative model of labour relations and state social insurance. The research was financed by the European Social Fund and the Lithuania (agreement No. APS-220000-234), project manager - T. Davulis.


Presentations at Conferences (from 2018):

2022, Participation in the panel discussion. International Conference "Sustainable action to end gender-based violence" (organized by Asian Development Bank), December 6, 2022, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2022, Presentation on the unemployment social insurance in the EU at the Ministry of Internally displaced persons from occupied territories, Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia, 4 October, 2022, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2022, Conference "War refugees in European welfare states: do we have something to learn from?" (organized by the Vilnius University), report "Problems of the application of social security to war refugees", 29 April, 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2021, Conference "Limits of Social Insurance" (organized by the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University), Presentation "Future of Social Insurance", October 14, 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2021, International conference "Further implementation of the European pillar of social rights. "Minimum wage, strengthened youth guarantees" (organized by the trade union "Solidarumas"), report on the European pillar of social rights and its implementation in Lithuania, October 14, 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2021, International seminar "Preparation of the Georgia‘s social security code" (organized by the French Development Agency AFD and the Ministry of Internally displaced persons from occupied territories, Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia), presentation on the methodology of the elaboration of the Social Security Code, September 14, 2021, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2021, International seminar "Social Security Code of Georgia" (organized by the French Development Agency AFD, Parliament of Georgia and the Ministry of Internally displaced persons from occupied territories Occupied Territories, Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia), Presentation on social insurance financing models in Europe, July 21, 2021, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2019, Seminar "Development of labor market measures for the disabled in Kyrgyzstan" (organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan and the non-governmental organization "Ravenstvo"), November 15, 2019, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

2019, Conference "Social Insurance Investments in Cambodia" (organized by the National Social Security Council and GiZ Institution), presentation "Analysis of Social Insurance Investments in Cambodia and EU Practice", July 19, 2019, Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

2019, Inclusion of Social Protection Systems in Asia and the Pacific: Expert Group Meeting" (organized by the United Nations), Presentation on the sustainability of the pension system and investment policy, 11-12 April, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand.

2018, International conference "The role of trade unions in the implementation of the state program and action plan of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the informal economy sector", (organized by the International Labor Organization and the trade unions of Azerbaijan), presentation "Fighting the informal economy in Lithuania and support to Azerbaijan", October 18, 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan.

2018, International conference "Recommendation of the International Labor Organization No. 205 and the practical aspects of its implementation for trade union leaders" (organized by the International Labor Organization), presentation "Implementation of Strategic Pension System Reforms in Azerbaijan", September 19, 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan.


Academic Visits:

2017 September 25-28, Internship at the Faculty of Law of the University of Nantes (France).

2015 June 10-13, Internship at Pierre-Mendès-France University, (Grenoble, Faculty of Law).

2013 October, Internship at the Faculty of Economics of Kanagawa University (Yokohama, Japan).

2012 December, Internship in Paul Cezanne Aix-Marseille III University, (France, at the Faculty of Law).

2012, November 15-16, Conference "Free movement of workers", organized by Radboud University (Malta).

2012 January-February, Internship at the Faculty of Economics of Kanagawa University (Yokohama, Japan).



Professional Associations:

Lithuanian Bar Association.