Liubovė Jarutienė

Junior Research Fellow, PRISTA project Junior Research Fellow
(+370 5) 2497591


Started working at the Institute –  since 2015-07-15.


Research interests:

Domestic violence, stalking, offender rehabilitation, conditional release (parole).


International scientific profiles:




Principal publications (from 2018):

Tereškinas, A., Vaičiūnienė, R., Jarutienė, L. (2022). Gender and Sentencing in Lithuania: More Mercy for Women?. Law, 11(5), p. 70.

Laurinaitytė, I., Michailovič, I., Jarutienė, L. (2022). Dealing with stalking cases in Lithuania: The role of public perceptions and legal response. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 40, p. 660–676.

Nikartas, S., Jarutienė, L. (2022). The dignity of punishment: Vulnerable prisoners‘ rights in Lithuania. A. Limantė, D. Pūraitė-Andrikienė (eds.), Legal Protection of Vulnerable Groups in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, European Union and its Neighbours in a Globalized World 8, p. 247-262.

Nikartas, S., Jarutienė, L. (2022). Individualising probation conditions in cases of domestic violence: The study of sentencing practice in Lithuania. European Journal of Probation, 14(2), p. 128-147.

Jarutiene, L. (2021). Parole practises in Lithuania: Factors predicting court decisions. European Journal of Probation, 13(3), p. 301-319.

Sakalauskas, G., Jarutienė, L., Kalpokas. V., Vaičiūnienė, R. (2020). Conditons of imprisonment and premisses of social integration of prisoners, Vilnius: Žara.


Research Projects:

1 July 2019 – 31 March 2021, Junior research fellow at a project “Defeminized criminal justice: Female offenders’ penalties and their experiences of punishment” funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (S-MIP-19-39). Budget: 145.724 Eur.

2 February 2021 – 31 December 2022, Junior research fellow at a project “Stalking and its relation to domestic violence: perception, prevalence and response in Lithuania” funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (S-GEV-21-4). Budget: 100.000 Eu.


Other academic activities:

October-December 2021, teaching Erasmus students in module “Introduction to forensic psychology”, seminars for forensic psychology master students in modules “Psychological assessment in law enforcement system” and “Psychological counseling in law enforcement system”.


Conferences Organisation:

20 October, 2022, Panevėžys, Lithuania. International conference “The perspectives for rehabilitation of women sentenced to prison“.


Presentations at Conferences (from 2018):

The risk factors for physical violence in cases of intimate partner stalking, 21-24 September 2022 22nd Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology Challenges and opportunities in virtaully and pshysically connected Europe: The need for criminology.

Legal response to stalking in Lithuania: the analysis of court practice, 27-28 June 2022 35th Baltic Criminological Seminar Criminology in a changing context: answers of today – questions for tomorrow?

Experiences of Stalking in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence, 8-10 September 2021 21st Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology Criminology in a time of pandemic.

Gender and sentencing in Lithuania: More mercy for women? 23 June 2021 International conference A just punishment for women? Punitive practices and female offenders‘ experiences.

The association between personality traits and criminogenic risk faktors of domestic violence perpetrators, 7 May 2021 18th Conference for junior scientists in psychology The face of contemporary psychology.


Science Promotion (from 2018):

3 December 2021 Round table discussion “Criminalization of stalking: pros and cons”.

16 Semtember 2021 an event at science festival Spaceship Earth „Do you know what stalking is and how you should respond to it?“.

17 June 2022 participating in a discussion on domestic violence in LRT radio show „Lithuania Daily“.