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Changes in domestic violent behavior: perspectives for developing work with perpetrators at institutional and communal levels (SMEAK)

The Research Council of Lithuania (hereinafter – RCL) has granted funding to the project “Changes in Domestic Violent Behavior: Perspectives for Developing Work with Perpetrators at Institutional and Communal Levels” (SMEAK) of the Law Institute of Lithuania (hereinafter – LIL) in accordance with the National Research Programme “Welfare society”. The aim of the research is to analyse the possibilities of changing domestic violence behavior through institutional and communal levels.

This research will consistently continue the need-driven research project “Towards the effective cooperation between police and other stakeholders: model for the identification, support and prevention of domestic violence” (POSIB), which was previously performed by the group of the LIL scientist (Research Leader Dr. I. Michailovič) and funded by the RCL. During it, after the assessment of mechanisms used to recognise the domestic violence and provide support, as well as the existing practices of multi-agency cooperation, the cooperation model of the institutions concerned was developed and offered. The research results were provided in the scientific study, which can be found here.

It was agreed within the scientific community and international documents that the punishment of perpetrators and response to the domestic violence only by criminal sanctions cannot be deemed the only and key elements contributing to the change of violent behaviour. The studies performed in Lithuania revealed that the institutions concerned, participating in the prevention of domestic violence, frequently deny the possibility to correct violent behaviour; thus, depreciating the importance of corrective work with the perpetrators. The scope of applied existing programmes, related to the change of behaviour, is very narrow. Furthermore, there is a lack of information about their efficiency and good practice. It makes the multi-agency cooperation complicated and hinders from achieving the common goal, which is the sustainable and effective response to the domestic violence.

The project will contribute to the development of advanced system, preventing the domestic violence and correcting violent behaviour, based on the coherent approach and cooperation, by involving relevant institutions and communities into it. Practical recommendations, formulated on the basis of the research, to the Lithuanian Probation Service and other institutions concerned will definitely contribute to the development of the public welfare by changing domestic violent behaviour systematically and efficiently; thus, increasing victimological safety of the public at the same.

The National Research Programme “Welfare society” was designed to fund integrated scientific studies of the preconditions for a welfare society and its development in Lithuania.

The team of project researchers: Dr. Ilona Michailovič (Research Leader), Dr. Svetlana Justickaja, Dr. Rūta Vaičiūnienė and Dr. Vaidas Viršilas.

Project partner – Lithuanian Probation Service.

Duration of the project: 01/04/2020 – 31/12/2021.

Budget of the project – approximately 110,000 Euro.

Funding was allocated by the Research Council of Lithuania (LMTLT), Contract No. S-GEV-20-4.

Photo: iStock.