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2021 / 03 / 14

Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes analysed in the new monograph by Institute researcher dr. Mindaugas Lankauskas


The legalisation of cannabis and cannabis-containing product use for medicinal purposes is currently a relevant and controversial issue, however the awareness and common knowledge about potential medical use of cannabis and cannabis-containing products still remains full of gaps.

The monograph “Cannabis Use for Medicinal Purposes: Pecularities, Challenges and Perspectives on Legal Regulation in Lithuania and Other Countries“ examines the controversial topic of cannabis legalisation through research data, theoretical information and comparative analysis of foreign experiences, as well as focuses on the historical genesis of cannabis use in medicine. Dr. Mindaugas Lankauskas analyses the specifics of legal regulation of cannabis in different countries by presenting and evaluating legal perspectives from all over the globe - Europe, North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

According to the researcher, the recommendations and conclusions formed on the basis of the results of the research will allow to use scientific evidence in the discussion regarding the development of an optimal model of cannabis use for medicinal purposes in Lithuania.

The full text of the monograph can be found here.