Dr. Salomėja Zaksaitė


Started working at the Institute – since 2020-03-02.


Research interests:

Sports law, doping, match-fixing, cultural criminology.


International scientific profiles:




Principal publications (from 2018):

Zaksaitė, S. (2022), „Anti-cheating protection measures in chess: current state of play”. Crime Prev Community Saf 24, p. 255–265.

Zaksaitė S. (2022), “Violence, Pregnant with Peace: Criminological Reading of Lars von Trier”, Criminological studies, 9, p. 151-172. doi: 10.15388/CrimLithuan.2021.9.6.

Zaksaitė S. (2020), “Cheating in chess: a call for an integrated disciplinary regulation”, Criminological studies, 8, p. 57-83. doi: 10.15388/CrimLithuan.2020.8.3.

Zaksaitė S., Virbalytė-Dimšienė B. (2022), Interaction between unfair play, cheating and the spirit of sport: ambiguities of the use of inhalers containing beta-2 agonists in Olympic sports. Sport science, No. 1, p. 66-71.


Research Projects:

2020-2022, The criminal case and events of January 13: legal, criminological and historical research. Budget: 104 000 €. Contract No. S-LIP-20-14. Project Leader.


Presentations at Conferences (from 2018):

2022, Presentation at the International Conference “European trends and challenges of criminal policy”. Presentation title: “Crimes against humanity: victimological aspect”, 29 April 2022.

2020, Presentation at the International Conference "The history of violence against women: from theoretical to empirical perspectives" (online). Presentation title: “Sexual harassment and abuse in sport”, 26 November 2020.

2018, The 18th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology “Crimes Against Humans and Crimes Against Humanity. Implications for Modern Criminology”. Conference paper: The works of Lars von Trier: Cultural and other Criminology.



Professional Associations:

Member of the Lithuanian Association of Criminologists.


Editorial Board:

Journal of Criminological Studies.


Science Promotion (from 2018):

2022, “Case of the century”: winning language games and goals missed down the right wing. Naujasis Židinys – Aidai, 2022, No. 3.

2022, On cultural images and the war that happens not in the film. In portal


National and International Awards:

2012, Acknowledgment “For the Development of Sports Law” by the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.