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Author: René van SWAANINGEN
Topic category: Criminology

This article examines the challenges and difficulties of an interdisciplinary approach in criminology. It does so by first briefly describing criminology’s history, thereby pointing at its rather weak epistemological history.

Topic category: Criminology

The first results of ISRD-3 showed that there is a link between delinquency and victimization. Those pupils who became victims of criminal offences were more likely to commit delinquent acts themselves.In this article the further research is continued and the features of minors who experienced victimisation and committed delinquent acts are analysed.

Author: Gintautas Sakalauskas
Topic category: Criminology

The project aims to create interdisciplinary criminology studies at Vilnius University. They will consist of three study programs such as: Master program of Sociology criminology, Master program of Psychology criminology and “Criminology”- a branch of Law study program.

Author: Vaidas KALPOKAS
Topic category: Criminology

The growing society’s dependence upon fluent functioning of IT infrastructure shows the need to regulate digital space. It is also related to the interests of national security (protection of objects of critical infrastructure) and to the creation of safer environment for users. The author of the article draws attention to the need of constant and conscious communication among all the players at the international and local levels. The systemic approach while the roles and responsibilities are distributed among the different levels of security is the main premise of such communication.

Author: Simonas NIKARTAS
Topic category: Criminology

Article is devoted to an analysis of the influence of religion, as a factor of informal social control, in preventing crime as well as of the main forms and conditions of this influence. Preventive effect of religion is being analysed on three levels: religion as a social phenomenon, individual religiosity and targeted religious activities.

Author: Svetlana Justickaja, Aušra Gavėnaitė
Topic category: Criminology

The article gives an overview of the current situation of recidivism studies and researches in Lithuania. It also presents some insights for possible directions of national research development in future.

Author: Milda BURNYTĖ
Topic category: Criminology

This article examines the problem of low trust in political and legal institutions in Lithuania. In the context of European countries, Lithuania has one of the lowest rates of trust in political and legal institutions. 

Author: Aušra Pocienė, Margarita Dobrynina
Topic category: Criminology

The article presents socio-demographic portrait of convicted who have been accused for the drug related crime in Lithuania. The portrait has been composed on the basis of Lithuanian data of criminal cases (2005–2009). It makes an alternative for the official statistical data which is too aggregated and imprecise in order to measure correlation between individual features and kind of crime or sentence.


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