Author: Svetlana Justickaja, Aušra Gavėnaitė
Topic category: Criminology

The article gives an overview of the current situation of recidivism studies and researches in Lithuania. It also presents some insights for possible directions of national research development in future.

Author: Vaidas Kalpokas
Topic category: Criminology

Rapid development of modern technologies and changes of social and everyday life are often discussed by social scholars including of those interested in legal and criminological reasearch. Schemes which are usual in a „real“ world often do not apply for the social relationships in virtual reality often referred to as „new social reality“. The article discusses different theoretical points of view and original concepts whether crimes in virtual reality are traditional or innovative.

Author: Margarita Dobrynina
Topic category: Criminology

The article discusses the problem of criminological knowledge, analyses the role of the politics and government constructing scientific discourse. Starting with the analysis of the power and knowledge interrelationship from the social constructionism theory perspective, the article further deals with the politics and control of criminological knowledge.

Author: Mindaugas Lankauskas
Topic category: Theory of Law

The article deals with separation of church and state in the Republic of Lithuania and different foreign countries. This legal and political doctrine mainly means coordination of two principles – state secularism and freedom of religion. Respective doctrine is analyzed from the historical perspective though comparative analysis of present situation is provided as well.

Author: Adolfas MACKONIS
Topic category: Theory of Law

The article entertains a conceptual analysis of the notion of public interest. It claims that the public interest not only cannot object to the individual interest of the members of society but it also has to accord to these interest. However, the Arrow impossibility theorem shows that public interest of this kind is impossible if one wants it to be fair and rational.

Author: Justinas Žilinskas
Topic category: International Law

The article deals with the classical questions of Hague Law of War, namely but not limited: classic combatant concept, Marten‘s clause and classic understanding of occupatio bellica. The content of these concepts is revealed by looking at travaux preparatoire of the Hague Peace Conferences (1899 and 1907) as well as at normative texts and their subsequent interpretation in legal writings.

Topic category: Constitutional Law
, Human Rights

The aim of this research is to ascertain the legal regulation which violates the essence of human rights. In order to reach it the conception of the essence of human rights is analyzed and the cases when the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania stated that the essence of human rights is denied are analyzed.

Author: Fritz SACK
Topic category: Criminal Law Policy
, Criminology

In the article F. Sack concentrates on reactions to crime by the society and the state. This is the central question which has brought about a kind of paradigmatic shift in criminology in the beginning of the sixties and which is closely connected with a new generation of essentially sociological scholars who were working in the field of crime and social control.


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