Author: Gintautas Sakalauskas
Topic category: Criminology

The project aims to create interdisciplinary criminology studies at Vilnius University. They will consist of three study programs such as: Master program of Sociology criminology, Master program of Psychology criminology and “Criminology”- a branch of Law study program.

Author: René van SWAANINGEN
Topic category: Criminology

This article examines the challenges and difficulties of an interdisciplinary approach in criminology. It does so by first briefly describing criminology’s history, thereby pointing at its rather weak epistemological history.

Author: Margarita DOBRYNINA
Topic category: Criminology

This article discusses one of the most relevant contemporary criminological problems – crime fear. The issue of crime fear emerged four decades ago and became of big importance to political, professional and public discourses.

Author: Svetlana Justickaja, Vaidas Kalpokas, Laura Ūselė
Topic category: Criminology

This article deals with the results of the first (national) stage of International Self-Report Delinquency Study (ISRD-2). On the ground of collected data the aspects of Lithuanian studens‘delinquent behaviour and victimization are analysed. The data about prevalence and structure of delinquent behaviour and victimization is presented; also correlations between delinquency, victimization and such social-demographic factors as age, sex, residence (town size) are subject of this analysis.

Author: Lina Aleknaitė
Topic category: Legislation

From the position of the state, trying to implement market economy, this article evaluates the opportunities provided by the Lithuanian legal provisions for companies to receive cheaper and more accessible financing on the basis of receivables. First of all, legal provisions regulating factoring are analyzed. The finding is that in principle factoring is properly regulated in Lithuania.

Author: Karolis Jovaišas
Topic category: Theory of Law

The article deals with the relationship between social order and freedom, security and freedom, property and freedom; the essential conditions of freedom and its guarantees are also discussed.


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