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Topic category: European Union Law
, Legislation

The article analyses the justice sector reforms in Moldova. Tracing of reform process in Moldova, combined with the insights of europeanization theories and theories of legal sector reforms, was applied for the identification of the mechanism, which explains, why the reform was not successful in Moldova.

Author: Agnė LIMANTĖ
Topic category: European Union Law

The article analyses recent trends in permitting and recognizing same-sex marriages and partnerships in Europe. The main purpose of the paper is to carry out a legal analysis and to identify the extent to which recognition of same-sex couples is reflected in the evolving case law of the ECtHR and the CJEU, as well as national constitutional or supreme courts.

Author: Vilenas Vadapalas
Topic category: European Union Law

Written pleadings form the most important part of proceedings before the EU General Court. It is due to requirement that application and defence shall contain the pleas in law and arguments relied on and any evidence produced or offered. Already at this stage of written procedure the parties shall submit to the Court the elements of their claims and clearly fix their positions. No new plea in law may be introduced in the course of proceedings unless it is based on matters of law or of fact which come to light in the course of the procedure. Evidence produced or offered shall be submitted in the first exchange of pleadings.

Author: Petras Ragauskas
Topic category: European Union Law
, Legislation

The Lisbon Treaty provides quite a number of novelties in the legislation of the European Union. These novelties have already been considered in the Treaty establishing the Constitution of Europe (which never entered into force), considering the principle aims relating law creation thereof as the democratization and reformation of the system which was held as too much complicated.

Author: Justas NAMAVIČIUS
Topic category: European Union Law

Der vorliegende Aufsatz beschäftigt sich mit dem Verhältnis zwischen den jeweils im Recht der Europäischen Union, Konvention zum Schutz der Menschenrechte und Grundfrei heiten (EMRK) sowie im nationalen Recht angelegten Grundrechten aus strafrechtlicher Sicht.

Author: Irmantas JARUKAITIS
Topic category: European Union Law
, Constitutional Law

The article deals with the notion of the economic constitution, the content of the economic constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, of the European Union and the interrelationship between the two. The first part of the article, relying, among the other things, on the thoughts of the ordoliberal school, is devoted to analysis of the concept of the economic constitution. It describes the reasons, why certain core principles concerning of the organization of the economic system of the political community should form part of the constitutional rules of that community, how they should be defined in order to ensure the optimal frame of the economic system.

Author: Kristina BERNOTAITĖ
Topic category: European Union Law

The article is a first step to analyse the overall legal and political context of energy policy of the EU implementation in Lithuania, as well as of the Energy Eficiency Directive and its implementation in the country in particular.

Author: Audronė STEIBLYTĖ
Topic category: Banking Law
, European Union Law

This article aims at examining the mandate provided to the SRB in the context of the Short-selling judgment, and in particular, at analysing whether the granting of discretionary implementing powers to this agency complies with Article 114 TFEU and whether those powers are well framed by conditions and criteria that no scope is le{ for abuse of the delegation.


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