Author: Simonas NIKARTAS
Topic category: Criminology

Article is devoted to an analysis of the influence of religion, as a factor of informal social control, in preventing crime as well as of the main forms and conditions of this influence. Preventive effect of religion is being analysed on three levels: religion as a social phenomenon, individual religiosity and targeted religious activities.

Author: Simonas NIKARTAS
Topic category: Criminology

This article is based on materials of foreign researches and presents an analysis of the role of community in crime reduction. The article is focused on structural elements of the community, such as (1) informal social control, (2) strong community-based (social) relations, (3) and internal potential of community resources (self-sufficiency) within the framework of a concept of strong social ties in a community.

Author: Mindaugas LANKAUSKAS
Topic category: Legislation

The study aims to answer the question whether there are the preconditions for the codification of law in Lithuania. It is true to say that currently codification of law in Lithuania is chaotic and spontaneous process heavily based on the political will and authority of the legal scholars involved in the code drafting. In academic sphere phenomenon of codification was analyzed only ragmentically as well.

Topic category: Criminal Law
, Legislation

In addition to the imposed penalty an accused person must compensate the damage that arise from the investigation of his crime. Currently the accused must pay the losses directly connected with the particular crime. Meanwhile, some of the states require the criminal to cover not only the direct losses, but as well a part of the expenses associated with the investigation of his crime. Such proposals are being raised in Lithuania as well. The article analyses the possibility to introduce the mentioned measures in Lithuania.

Author: Petras RAGAUSKAS
Topic category:

Aim of the article is to evaluate why the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Lobbying Activities and the provisions related to it are not implemented in practice. For this purpose the article assesses the officially declared aims of the regulation of lobbying activities, discusses the establishment of clients of lobbying activities and subjects holding the status of a lobbyist, as well analyses the ways and reasons for failure to apply the method of “whip and honey cake” inherent to the regulation of social relations, shortly describes the actual volume of the official lobbying determined by the legal regulation in effect.

Topic category: Matrimonial and Family Law

Every country has its own family policy aims and wide scope of measures to choose from for the implementation thereof. Naturally it is or should be expected to make choices which lead to the greatest fulfilment of the envisaged result. However, the experience of different countries shows that countries which chose similar measures for the achievement of the same goals receive different outcomes.

Author: Petras RAGAUSKAS
Topic category: Theory of Law, International Law

This article deals with some aspects of amicus curiae, phenomenon which is almost unknown in Lithuanian positive law and its jurisprudence. The article presents the spread of this legal phenomenon (at this stage mostly indirectly by giving examples on its various aspects) and its basic elements in legal systems of different foreign countries as well as in international law.

Topic category: Company Law

Shareholders’ agreement is one of the ways to protect shareholders’ investments made into closed stock companies. There is no readily available market for such companies’ shares, therefore seeking effective company’s management as well as return on investments in different forms, shareholders collaborate concluding shareholders’ agreements.


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