Civil Law

Author: Marius MATIUKAS
Topic category: Civil Law
, Theory of Law

The article introduces the origin of the right of superficies as well as its existence in the other legal systems.

Author: Albertas ŠEKŠTELO
Topic category: Civil Law

Having performed the obligation to the creditor in full, a co-debtor acquires two types of rights with regard to other debtors – a personal right of recourse and a subrogatory recourse (Article 6.9 of the Civil Code). The split of these rights is important at both the theoretical and practical levels.

Author: Modestas SRIUBAS
Topic category: Civil Law

In this article an author analyses and educes the methods of solving health care disputes, indicates compulsory extrajudicial dispute procedures, notes the theoretical and practical problems of implementation and provides issues of it.

Author: Johanas BALTRIMAS
Topic category: Civil Law

The article deals with the issue of Lithuanian case-law on the matter of spelling in personal documents with letters from non Lithuanian alphabets or disregarding rules of Lithuanian language grammar. Question of spelling foreign names in documents is of big political importance, since it has received a lot of public attention, in last few decades there were over 20 unsuccessful attempts to pass laws which lay down relevant regulation. Particular focus of research is drawn upon Lithuanian case-law, where recently a judicial precedent occurred, which conflicts with earlier rulings.