Author: Aušra Pocienė, Margarita Dobrynina
Topic category: Criminology

The article presents socio-demographic portrait of convicted who have been accused for the drug related crime in Lithuania. The portrait has been composed on the basis of Lithuanian data of criminal cases (2005–2009). It makes an alternative for the official statistical data which is too aggregated and imprecise in order to measure correlation between individual features and kind of crime or sentence.

Author: Vaidas KALPOKAS
Topic category: Criminology

The growing society’s dependence upon fluent functioning of IT infrastructure shows the need to regulate digital space. It is also related to the interests of national security (protection of objects of critical infrastructure) and to the creation of safer environment for users. The author of the article draws attention to the need of constant and conscious communication among all the players at the international and local levels. The systemic approach while the roles and responsibilities are distributed among the different levels of security is the main premise of such communication.

Author: Simonas NIKARTAS
Topic category: Criminology

The article analyzes different aspects of community crime prevention, referring to the studies conducted by foreign researchers. It also discusses the concept of community crime prevention and its main forms of implementation. The main attention is paid to the effectiveness of this type of crime prevention.

Author: Vincenzo RUGGIERO
Topic category: Criminology

In this article the author argues that the study of the crimes of the powerful may help re-vive critical criminological analyses and discourses. This specific arena of research, in his view, may lead us to experience anti-criminological moments and to elaborate some anti-criminological notions. By anti-criminological moments and notions he simply means those small revolutions in our disciplinary paradigm, those ruptures which throw the discipline into a temporary crisis, before being at times slowly absorbed, thus enriching the discipline itself.

Topic category: Matrimonial and Family Law

The article analyses aims of the state, the attainment whereof is related with the provision of social guarantees to families drawn up according to the general aims of the EU. Two main aims are described: the need to motivate persons raising children to return to the labour market and the need to induce the birth rate.

Topic category: Constitutional Law

This article analyses the results of applying the two doctrines interpreting constitutional provisions, i. e. balancing of constitutional values in the Republic of Lithuania and preferred freedoms doctrine which was applied by the US Supreme Court during 1940–1950. In quest of similarities between these doctrines the context of interpreting cases relating to freedom of information/   speech freedom it is analysed.

Author: Petras Ragauskas
Topic category: European Union Law
, Legislation

The Lisbon Treaty provides quite a number of novelties in the legislation of the European Union. These novelties have already been considered in the Treaty establishing the Constitution of Europe (which never entered into force), considering the principle aims relating law creation thereof as the democratization and reformation of the system which was held as too much complicated.

Author: Dovilė Kvederytė, Remigijus Jazbutis
Topic category: Labor Law

The authors of the article analyses the demand and the legal regulation of the Lithuanian Guarantee Fund and seeks to determine its practical activity. The authors focus on how Lithuanian act of Guarantee Fund correspond to the Conventions of the International Labour Organization and to the directives of European Union. Also in the paper authors analyses the statistics of Guarantee Fund practice and seeks to determine the importance of the Lithuanian Guarantee Fund in the depression.

Author: Modestas SRIUBAS
Topic category: Civil Law

In this article an author analyses and educes the methods of solving health care disputes, indicates compulsory extrajudicial dispute procedures, notes the theoretical and practical problems of implementation and provides issues of it.


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