Author: Johanas BALTRIMAS
Topic category: Civil Law

The article deals with the issue of Lithuanian case-law on the matter of spelling in personal documents with letters from non Lithuanian alphabets or disregarding rules of Lithuanian language grammar. Question of spelling foreign names in documents is of big political importance, since it has received a lot of public attention, in last few decades there were over 20 unsuccessful attempts to pass laws which lay down relevant regulation. Particular focus of research is drawn upon Lithuanian case-law, where recently a judicial precedent occurred, which conflicts with earlier rulings.

Author: Skirmantė GADEIKYTĖ
Topic category: Criminal Proceedings Law, Constitutional Law, Legislation

The purpose of the report is to share insights on the topic of the conference - the relationship between public interest and legitimate expectations as constitutional values, to review the powers and competence of the prosecutor as a universal public interest protection entity, to discuss the legal prerequisites and conditions of the prosecutor's intervention in the existing legal relations, to reveal in what aspects individuals the problem of legitimate expectations is relevant for the public interest protection function of the prosecutor.

Topic category: Criminal Law

The research paper analyses Lithuanian case-law on three issues: imposition of sanctions upon legal persons, confiscation of secondary proceeds of crime and protection of bona fide third persons‘ rights in the procedure of confiscation of property.

Author: Inga DAUKŠAITĖ
Topic category: Criminal Law

The participation of drunk drivers in the road traffic and accidents caused by them is one of the major road traffic safety problems in Lithuania. A part of the drunk drivers are such who were given to drive by others. On this account in this article for the scientific analysis the topic of prohibition to entrust a vehicle to a person under the influence of alcohol and liability for the infringement thereof has been picked. In the article, while also invoking the analysis of the Lithuanian case-law, the Paragraph 6 of Article 126 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Lithuania is analysed in detail.

Author: Skirmantas BIKELIS
Topic category: Criminal Law

The paper discusses the issues of application of the non bis in idem principle at the crossroads of tax and criminal liability. The inspiration for the discussion came from the recent case of the Supreme Court of Lithuania – Marijampolė case. The Supreme Court of Lithuania upheld the acquittal of a person who has been fined by tax authorities and later charged for illicit enrichment. The Court found a violation of the non bis in idem principle and regarded it as one of the definite grounds for the acquittal. First, the article explores the essence of the principle non bis in idem – the goals of the principle and possible legal and social consequences of its implementation or non-implementation.


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