Criminal Law

Author: Simonas NIKARTAS
Topic category: Criminal Law

In this article we look into juridical conception of Trafficking in Children. We analyze the symptoms of such crime in international level as well as in national juridical regulation level; we make a survey of concordance of definition of trafficking in children given in international law statements and the Criminal Code of Lithuania Republic.

Author: Inga DAUKŠAITĖ
Topic category: Criminal Law

The participation of drunk drivers in the road traffic and accidents caused by them is one of the major road traffic safety problems in Lithuania. A part of the drunk drivers are such who were given to drive by others. On this account in this article for the scientific analysis the topic of prohibition to entrust a vehicle to a person under the influence of alcohol and liability for the infringement thereof has been picked. In the article, while also invoking the analysis of the Lithuanian case-law, the Paragraph 6 of Article 126 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Lithuania is analysed in detail.

Author: Algimantas ČEPAS, Aleksandras DOBRYNINAS, Gintautas VALICKAS
Topic category: Criminal Law, Criminology

The article presents an overview of legal regulation of homicides in Lithuanian legal acts and some comparative insights into laws of other states, as well an inquiry into the concept of homicide applied in the jurisprudence of Lithuanian courts.

Topic category: Criminal Law

In addition to the imposed penalty an accused person must compensate the damage that arise from the investigation of his crime. Currently the accused must pay the losses directly connected with the particular crime. Meanwhile, some of the states require the criminal to cover not only the direct losses, but as well a part of the expenses associated with the investigation of his crime. Such proposals are being raised in Lithuania as well. The article analyses the possibility to introduce the mentioned measures in Lithuania.


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